New Orleans Exhale. Mississippi River. Farm Rows. Swamp Forest. Baby Horses. White Flower’d Bush Cloud. Cow Huddle. Flat Land Misty Rain. Girl On Bike Waves Hello And Goodbye At The Same Time. Cemetery. Chicken Pen. Flattened Barn Wood Pile. Forever Corn. Rusted Rails. Vine Leaf Dominated Side Track Shed. Nature Always Wins. Gnome Clutter. Yellow Paintbrush. Blue Heron. Broken Telephone Pole. Disconnection. Sunny Golden Marsh. Clouds In My Coffee Cup. Welcome to Westlake. Bare Feet Passengers. Aerosol Pollution. Intercom Says, “Two wrongs Don’t Make A Right, Sometimes It Takes Three Or Four; In My Case Many.” Skinny Tree Swamp. Lily Pads. White Egret. Half Sunk Two-Person Boat. Crossed The Sabine River. Lone Star State Next 18 Hours. Black Clouds. Don’t Like The Weather Wait Five Minutes. Flooded Rails. Hobo Trash Bed. Cedar Knees. Next Stop Belmont. In The Sun Smokers Fill Their Lungs. Birds Glide DNA Air Thermals. Two Clouds Different Directions Zipper Together. “I’ve Got Food Too! I’ve Got Doritos!”. Train Howl. Short Lime Green Grass Field. Golden Sun Spill. Bellbottom Water Trees. Airplane And Train In One Window Frame. Chickens Run Free In Parking Lot. Dead Car Shell Lot. Crabs Without A Home. Houston Hour. Cop Stake Out Under The Over Pass. Gold Orb. Six Blind Dots. Flying Pink Cotton Candy Sky. Cab Waiting Meant To Be. Tour. Vegan Food. Big Buildings. Adventure In Biz Casual Town. “I’ve Been Married 4 Times. My First He Died. He Was My Soul Mate.” “And That’s Another Thing –See At Walmart These Are A Dollar N’a Half.” “That’s A No Brainer”. Georgian Accent Breath. Houston Dark. Houston Lights. Train-Motion-A-Go-Go. “How Is Everything Moving But Our Drinks Are Not?”. Nap. Dining Car. Cigarette Fiends. A Few Drinks Too Many. Butt Pinched. Smoking In The Bathroom. Intercom Warns No Smoking On Train. “I Smell That – Can I Inhale That?” Stars And Backyards. “If I lived In Florida I’d Sleep On The Beach All Day.” “You’d Come Out Like A Roasted Chicken.” Four Hour San Antonio. Explore Crew. River Walk. New Friends. Wrong Direction. Hurry Back. Quick Sleep. Stuffy Train. Stuffy Nose. Hour Till Alpine. “If You Look To Your Left You Will See A Decomposing Horse.” “Ladies And Gentleman To Your Right Is The Valentine Prada Store.” “Look To Your Right Cause There’s Nothing On The Left.” Pecan Farms. “Best Place To Hide Is In Plain Sight.” Dry River. Dry Skin. Wind Carved Rock. 12 O’Clock Three Times. Time Zone Boarders Crossed. Stranger Danger. Rainbow Cemetery. Train Drama. Train Mom. Train Clothes – No Bra. Under Age Drinking Cops. Stopped But Not At A Station. Left For Dust. White Beard Wizard Genius – I Thought You Said Lizard. Breathing Treatment. New Mexico Mountains. Tucson Arizona Wander And Eat. Full Train. Empty Seat. Blessed Sleep. Sunrise in Los Angeles. Home.